Congratulations creatures won the "class a payer"

Time to know the taste, landscape intimate, every inch of time spent the life of bitterness and sweet and sour, every frame contains a consonance of shades of color, and the landscape of plants and trees, a cloud of a river, breathe the naive life Breath, watching the heart of leisurely peace. Watching the mountain is the mountain, watching the water is water, how many cigarettes over the cage, the number of streams flowing through, how much silence to listen to the sound, this has the original mountain, the original water, in a heart of the four domains, echoing distant Cloud water Zen tone. A stone, rugged worth mentioning, well worth mentioning, mountain, always in its heart; a moss, dark green worth mentioning, light gray worth mentioning, stone, always in its heart. One thing, no matter the size, regardless of depth, dependency is harmony, into the heart is calm, this mountain, stone, moss, there is a cascading landscape, there is a compassion.
A pupil of the eye can be as far and wide, as one can realize the movement. Maolin Xiuzhu, flow song water, the joy of life, often missing in the endless lament. The face of the gully, a turn, the road is full of Fanghua, the landscape of life is always in favor of everyone's origin, hiding in the corner of time and space, with the show and follow. Even with a leaf of hardships, but also feasible to the poor water, sitting in the clouds, the peace of mind is Yunjuanyunshu, contented music; even across the heavy custody of travel, but also Jianghua and grass, Mo dye my feelings Tian, ​​the heart of the leisure is Jianghua from the open, grass from Mao. Noisy, will eventually be hidden in the mountains and rivers, a hustle and bustle, far less than understand the mountains and high water long, possession of their own heart wild, boundless extension, but also to their own feelings, silently concentrated. Therefore, a frame of "sympathetic", that compassionate sigh, the sigh of life sighed, his party "snow and snow into the night", the warmth of conversion, the reality of the hard chanting, the depth of the soul Spring flowers.
Fleeting pages of the book, many stories have been yellowed, but the word off the ink more mellow. Leisure time, often taste Ma Yuan's "cold river alone fishing map", the horn of the mountain, the water of the career, only take half of the landscape in the heart, empty sparse painting, like the appreciation of Yunlin "sparse forest cottage" Cold forest wilderness, a bleak, a little mountain water color, slightly bustling, only to have, a heavy gas reservoir in the chest. Life is a tree bloom, that some vitality, not in the dense, but in the choice, the income is collected, the possession of Tibet is, so, a kind of ridge know, with half acres of bright, with one heart and compassion.
Tibetan, is a kind of understanding, is to understand the deepest pool of compassion. You do not come, I am still, possession is a watch, only in the minds of the promise has been faded; time does not come, the King is still, Tibet is a relieved, trek across the shore in the pain of eternal Smile; read, the heart is still, possession of a river is quiet, bath years of fireworks, hit the fleeting Qing Huan, so that their heart to listen to pure pure sound.
Should the scene, such as about, if a farewell unexpected, it is to the name of compassion, in the minds of the know in the collection, and the alley, see bridges, water, others, still light, quiet as usual .

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