Dr Anthony Neoh, former Chairman of the SFC in Hong Kong vis

I am convinced that everyone is good, and I firmly believe that is not compelling, no one willing to steal, to grab ... ... say no evil in the world this world without injustice, and once the property Succeeded, who could not bear to hurt people's lives! The ancients cloud 'Pirates have a way', that's all.
Because of these small moves, let these hateful robbers, also has some lovely!
The day before yesterday and heard a more funny. Old couple raised a flock of sheep. The night came four criminals, two looked at the old couple, the two sheep to the car loaded. At the end of the old lady pleaded:
"You leave us a lamb!
"Do not aunt, your old age so much, and then do not go sheep, so we are still thinking about.
In this way, criminals sped away, leaving the old couple cried. Old man to the old lady while wiping tears, while saying:
"You cry, what people say, we are old, can not be a sheep!" The old lady said: "I cry this world, ye have such a good bad man ah!
Yes ah, how the world there are so good bad guys ah!
Some people say that life is like onions, a piece of a peel, there is always a spicy will make you cry! I say life is like singing, every role has his specific mission! Good or bad people worth mentioning, the lack of which role, the world can not be regarded as perfect!

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